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Who Wants To Be The Boss

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Who Wants To Be The Boss. Buy a business with no money down. Are you tired of working for someone else?
  • For all the years of your life you’ve put into making money for someone else…
  • For all the days and nights and weekends you’ve sweated trying to make ends meet…
  • For the all the sleepless nights you've laid awake, dreaming of having a different life for you and for your family...
I believe you have two choices in life. You will either build someone else’s dream. Or you will build your own dream.

And if you don’t follow your dreams you will always be working for someone who did.

Make the choice today to build your own dream by owning a business.

How?Where do you start? Where do you get the money?

I can help you.

Start Your Own Business

Follow your dreams. Own your own business. Be your own boss! Here is what you need to learn to start your own business.

In my book, Who Wants To Be The Boss?, I will teach you how to:
  • Find motivated Sellers
  • Evaluate the business and recast financial statements
  • Use my 16 no money down financial techniques
  • Overcome Dave’s "Top 10 Hurdles"
  • Negotiate price and terms
  • Close the deal
  • Qualify professional advisors
  • Create non-traditional marketing for your new business
You can use my powerful strategies and techniques to start your own business today. . . without putting up any of your money for the down payment!

Remember the Three P's
To use my strategies and buy a business with no money down, you must have patience, persistence, and perseverance.

And you must have the mind set that you can do it!

Remember, first impressions are important in any business deal. Make friends with the Seller or Landlord on your first contact, whether it be on the telephone or in person. Be likeable! After all, the Seller and you will become business partners and he must have the faith in you to trust his business with you. The first person you sell is “you.”

You must be able to walk away if any deal that isn’t right for you. Do not get emotionally involved in the deal until it’s a done deal! Let me repeat that – Never, never, never get attached to a deal too early; wait until the deal is done. You just go on to the next deal and take away what you learned.

If you want to know the secrets of owning a business, follow and apply my stratigies and techniques. If you do this, my hope is that you will be inspired to stick your neck out and go for your dream.

About the Author
Dave Meholovitch has more than 35 years experience in building, buying and selling businesses. Dave is the Author of the e-book Who Wants To Be The Boss. In his e-book Dave shares his skills and knowledge about buying or starting a business with no money down. Click Here to find out more about Dave's E-Book.