The Complete Guide to Selling a Business

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The most comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to selling a business available!

Out there somewhere is a buyer looking to buy a business like yours -- so if you're ready to sell, make sure that you protect your interests and maximize your profit with The Complete Guide to Selling a Business. It covers:

  • getting your business ready to sell
  • pricing your business and valuing your assets
  • finding the right buyer
  • analyzing the tax issues
  • negotiating a payment plan and other terms of sale
  • planning your future relationship with the business
  • limiting your liability
  • working with lawyers, accountants and brokers
  • closing the deal and transferring the business to its new owner
The Complete Guide to Selling a Business includes a CD-ROM that helps you create more than two dozen crucial legal documents for both asset and entity sales, including:
  • the sales agreement
  • confidentiality letter
  • promissory notes and security agreements
  • noncompete and consulting agreements
  • closing checklists
The 2nd edition is completely updated with the latest tax considerations, and now provides more advice on marketing the sale of your business.

There's literally dozens of competing titles on the market, but none can match The Complete Guide to Selling a Business for sheer depth, accuracy and ease of use.

About the Author
About the Author
Attorney Fred S. Steingold practices law in Ann Arbor, Michigan. An expert on small business law, he represents and advises many small businesses. He is the author of The Complete Guide to Buying a Business, The Complete Guide to Selling a Business and Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business.